Monday, January 26, 2015

Currently - January 2015 Edition

I really wanted to start blogging again on January 1st but clearly that goal got away from me although I did do a year-end recap last week!   I may have forgotten HOW to even blog, so here is a jump start….

Reading: Confessions of a Wild Child by Jackie Collins; Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster; and Still Alice by Lisa Genova. The first two are light reading and the third is definitely more serious as it involves a woman with early onset Alzheimers. I understand it is also a movie. I’ve also been consulting my Little Giant Encyclopedia of the Zodiac & testing it out on my friends. It is amazingly accurate.
 Anyhow yes, I am reading 3 works of fiction. I sort of have a routine where I read the Jackie Collins book on my lunch hour, Twisted Sisters on the elliptical ( I know what you’re thinking - don’t say don’t read and exercise; I have to distract myself and it is better than sitting on the couch!), and Still Alice before I fall asleep at night. Maybe not the best choice for a relaxing night’s sleep. But my books are in constant rotation—there will be another book added into the mix before you know it. I am not sure how I got into reading multiple books. I used to read one book at a time, but I think my brain is just too scattered to be that focused anymore. Multi-task!

Loving: Something as simple as the fact that it is staying light longer and it will be February this weekend. One step closer to spring. Although my dad told me to never wish my life away so I do try to appreciate each day for what it is, even if it is 20 below zero. But hopefully, we are done with that!
Thinking: My mind is constantly thinking; sometimes I really just want to turn it off. I found an app called Smiling Mind, a meditation app for my phone.  

Frustrated: If I am frustrated with anyone, it is myself. Enough said.

Feeling: Positive and hopeful about 2015.   I really am!

Anticipating: Super excited for the Super Bowl. It has my team, the Seahawks, and my husband’s team, the Patriots. I may file for divorce before this week is over—joking!! But we have had some pretty heated arguments about Deflate-Gate.

Watching: I have been going to the movies by myself every Friday afternoon. I have recently seen Big Eyes with Amy Adams (loved) and The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez (held my interest). Not sure about this Friday - maybe the Loft only because I think James Marsden is so cute. As far as TV, not really watching anything except Mad Men on early Sunday mornings. Can’t wait til it comes back for the final episodes in April.

Sad: Nothing can really make me that sad unless I see a sad story about an animal and so I really have to avoid those! Otherwise, I am basically happy and don’t let that much get me down.

Working. At my office job as a receptionist extraordinaire. But I keep thinking I should be doing something more. Personal shopper would be perfect. Or interior designer Or writer.
Grateful: I am grateful for the usual things, great friends, sweet pets and lots of clothes. Kidding. Kind of. No, I really am grateful for my collection of clothes; might as well be honest!

Listening To: Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift—mainstream pop. But I could go in another direction on a whim.

Wishing: Can’t tell you my wish or it won’t come true! But it’s a good one ;-)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy 2015 & A 2014 Recap

Hello, 2015 and goodbye, 2014. I meant to write this a few weeks ago, but better late than never. I wanted to do a big recap of 2014. I thought about it for a while and here are some of my memories. If I took the time, I would have a picture for each month—maybe later! I just want to post something so I can get this blog going again.

January 2014 – My husband, Eric and I rang in the New Year after a fun trip to Seattle at the very tail end of December 2013. I got to go to a Seahawks game and spend some time shopping and dining out in Seattle. We flew back on New Year’s Eve day so we were still at home for the actual ball dropping. I know I was so glad to say goodbye to 2013 and I had big expectations for 2014. I thought it was going to be my year. I was going to make a vision board (fail) and I wore a wish bracelet and all these magical things were supposed to happen. Where did I go wrong?

February – I am someone who remembers everything but I really only remember a few things about February. Seattle winning the Super Bowl! That was awesome and a big highlight. And Valentine’s Day – I remember that, the flowers and dinner. And I won front row (ring side?) tickets to a Minnesota Gophers hockey game on Twitter and we were on TV. I thought that was kind of cool.

March – I did dog sitting for a Shih Tzu named Roxie while her owners (Susan and Anna!)  vacationed in Costa Rica and the whole Midwest froze. I always love when she comes and stays with me, although my dog, Violet, might think differently.

April—Finally April came and we were off to Southern California, a trip we had postponed just a little so I could keep my promise to my friends and take care of their dog. I am that kind of friend. I was soooo happy to be in California. I brought my dog Violet and really in California she can go almost anywhere including Nordstrom. I had a great time and it was so good to leave the winter behind. We were in Los Angeles and San Diego and Newport Beach and really we were in heaven. I met my friend Gina for drinks in our hotel bar – I finally got to meet her – we became friends through blogging and now I am kicking myself because we did not take a picture together! But we did drink a lot of Riesling!

May – I did the Humane Society Walk for Animals with Violet and Noodles and a team I organized at work and we raised money and did good and we did not totally freeze this time. I went down to Northeast Iowa and Eric and I and my brother took my mom out for Mother’s Day, although we had a tough time finding any restaurant open on a Sunday. They seemed to all be closing at 2:00 p.m. We settled on Pizza Hut. This was the month I chopped off about 6 inches of my hair. I am now growing it out long again.

June – I went to Des Moines for a bridal shower and bachelorette party for my friend, Amber! I also started documenting 100 happy days through photographs. Every day I took a picture of something that made me happy.

July – This had the 4th and that is really what sticks in my mind—we went on a dinner boat cruise with a few other couples and watched the fireworks. I also took care of 2 wiener dogs for my friend, Trish. I found $20 in the street after saying I wish I would find money on all of my many walks. That wish came true! I accidentally swung my car door into somebody else’s car in the parking lot of my yoga class and she was dreadful to me. To this day, I hope I don’t run into her at any of my classes. I offered to pay for the damage as who wants yellow paint on black but she would rather be a beyotch about it so whatever. I was also lucky to get a new next door neighbor named Katie who is so much fun and is also now a friend! And last but not least, Amber got married in Northwest Iowa. I definitely got to see a part of Iowa I had never seen before.

August –August had two trips – a big family vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia, and then I also flew out to San Francisco for a few fun days as Eric had a work conference and I had enough frequent flier miles for a free trip. I literally went from one coast to another, both historical places.

September – When I think about September, I mainly remember that after 11 years, Eric finally traded in his old SUV for a new Jeep Cherokee and he also traded in my second car—my backup car. Goodbye Buttercup, the 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Now we are back to a 2-car household. Although in the future, I plan to buy another car and keep my car Daisy around. 3 cars make sense to me! I also started taking an Astrology class every Thursday night. I am fascinated by astrology.

October – What can I say about October except it is my favorite month and my birthday month and this year it was a big, significant birthday. Eric went all out and threw me a surprise party and totally fooled me. And I am a hard person to fool as I am very observant, but I was not expecting any kind of party so therefore I was not at all suspicious—my best friends and co-workers were in on it with my husband, but nobody let anything slip. I thought I was going out to brunch with a few close girlfriends. Then we got to the restaurant and SURPRISE!!!! It was one of the best birthdays ever. October also had two trips – one to Mackinac Island (my favorite place!!) and then out to Boston and Salem. These were both great trips.

November – A concert month. We flew to Vegas for the Britney Spears concert and then the following weekend was the Motley Crue concert here in Minneapolis. At Thanksgiving I was pretty sick, maybe borderline flu but I somehow managed to go out for a meal with my husband but because I was so sick I spaced making reservations at anywhere nice and we wound up at a pretty sub-par restaurant. I am NOT a food snob but this food was pretty bad. I won’t say where! And anyhow this cold/flu hung on for about 10 days into December.

December – One of my favorite times of the year. I love the holiday season. But this year was a little disappointing. I went into December pretty sick with that stupid cold and so I was late in getting my tree and decorations up. My favorite thing about this Christmas season was the cookie exchange my friend Peggy had and my other friends, Donna and Lisa, were there and so it was super fun. I spent the actual Christmas Day at the emergency vet with Violet—her back went out. Only I didn’t know what was wrong with her; I just knew she wasn’t herself. Through the miracle of steroids she is back to herself now but Christmas was sad and we spent 4 hours at the clinic. An emergency vet clinic is a sad place to be on any day, but extra sad at Christmas. Then I personally got sick again a few days after Christmas and by New Year’s I was really sick with another cold/flu type illness. I somehow made it to the Foreigner concert which was how we rang in the New Year.

And now it is 2015. And the Seahawks are going back to the Super Bowl! And I don’t have the same expectations for this year—I will just let things happen and hope they are good, and maybe there are nice surprises ahead of me!

 I applaud you if you read this whole thing! THE END

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three On Thursday

Three on Thursday – maybe you’ll learn something new about me! Happy Thursday!

Favorite cuisine:
1. Italian
2. Mexican
3. Seafood

Foods I never seem to get sick of:
1. Avocados
2. Cheese
3. Pizza and spaghetti (there’s a 4th- potatoes in all forms!)

Three words I'd use to describe myself:
1. Frivolous
2. Flirty
3. Creative

3 U.S. Cities I would like living in, besides Minneapolis:
1. San Diego
2. Seattle
3. San Francisco

3 places in the U.S. that I haven't visited but would like to:
1. New Orleans
2. Dallas
3. Portland

Favorite forms of exercise:
1. Walking and riding my bike
2. Elliptical
3. Barre burn and Zumba classes

Favorite smells:
1. Chocolate and vanilla candles
2. Anything fruity
3. Outdoor smells like rain, damp fall leaves, night blooming jasmine and the ocean

Big vacations I'd like to take some day:
1. Go back to Hawaii (which is where I got married) and stay at a really fancy hotel
2. Someday I want to spend a whole summer on Mackinac Island and just rent a condo and it would just be me, my pets, a bicycle and fudge – lots of fudge – and I imagine I would read and write a lot 3. I would really like to go to Italy and eat a LOT like in Eat, Pray, Love

  And that is it from me.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I totally dropped the ball on blogging in February and here it is March 10th so I better chop chop! I devised a brief update of what I did last month.

Reading: I read Marilu Henner's book, The Total Memory Makeover. This actress of Taxi fame has a rare kind of memory that is only found in a very small percentage of the population and I was very excited to read her book because people tell me that I have a crazy good memory. However, what she has is called HSAM - Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory and she can remember every single day of her life from 5th grade on (I believe--ha I forgot!). But anyhow her memory is very detailed and goes back to childhood. She can bring up any day from her life from that point forward and tell you what she was wearing, what her hair looked like, what she weighed, what day of the week it was, what the weather was doing. I think that is so fascinating! And, no, my memory is not quite that good but I do have a freaky memory for dates and can often remember what I was wearing, and whenever certain songs come on from the past I can tell you what guy I was dating. Probably not that unusual!

Loving: I was loving all my spring flowers that I brought into my office to brighten up winter - I had a bulb garden, a cyclamen and the bouquet of flowers I got for Valentine's Day. They have since all died of course. :-(

Thinking: Oh, definitely thinking I was tired of winter especially as we ended up with 60 inches of snow and 50 days below zero. Ugh!!

Feeling: See above! Feeling tired of winter! And it is not that I don't like winter but enough is enough and even people who love winter would be tired of this! I had some really long commutes of 3 hours where I may as well have lived in my car.

Anticipating: My vacation to Southern California beginning April 4th! And also dog sitting Roxie, my favorite little Shih Tzu.

Inspired By: My friends! Everyone is good at something and everyone has gifts. I appreciate all my friends!

Watching: More like NOT watching the Winter Olympics or the Walking Dead. I don't have any favorite shows right now and didn't really watch a lot of TV in February.

Sad: I don't think anything made me too sad in February as I flipped back through my calendar for reminders--except the anniversary of my dad's death on Feburary 12th. I still miss him of course, so yes, that was actually a sad day. Gone 12 years now....

Working: Working and working out! Still working my 4 and a half days a week as a receptionst at an upscale bath and body company and I have to add in working out - barre burn and zumba classes and really doing the elliptical almost every day.

Grateful: I have a lot to be grateful for - wonderful friends, adorable pets, a good job, a nice house, a really nice car, a closet full of clothes, a husband who would do anything for me, good health, not a lot of REAL worries. I try to remind myself of that every day!

Listening: I listened to a lot of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. I am open to listening to something new! Any suggestions?

Wishing: Oh, I wished for a lot of things. None of which have come true - YET. So that's it for February in a nutshell. In the midst of March now and need to get better at blogging.

I still have NOT made my vision board yet and that was going to be my big project for January. Maybe that is why my wishes are not coming true! :-)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Looking Forward...

Last week, I talked about living in the moment which I think is a very advisable (and admirable) way to live, but I am not going to lie – I also like having things to look forward to – vacations, holidays, a new book or movie, a package in the mail (on-line shopping!), trying a new restaurant with friends, etc.

Some of my blogging friends have been doing “Looking Forward” posts so I am taking a page from their book. Here is what I am looking forward to:

This Weekend… The Super Bowl, of course! It’s my team, the Seahawks, and really except for a Super Bowl party a few years ago, this is the most excited I have been about the Super Bowl in a long time. Even the half time acts are ones I am excited about – Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers! Go Seahawks! Sidebar: I ordered TWO shirts for the game—I really hope one of them shows up, but both would be nice. I can wear one during the first half, and the other during the second half.

NEXT MONTH…. I have to say Valentine’s Day. I do like getting a big bouquet from my husband. It is one of the holidays where he spares no expense on my flowers. And I will find a fun restaurant to go to. I also have another idea that we carried out last year—a bunch of my girlfriends and I did a Girls Valentine’s Day dinner beforehand. Yes, I really went to two dinners last year. And as for the FOLLOWING month, March (ugh, I don’t really like that month but we won’t go into that) I have things to look forward to as well—a trip to California (either March or April) and also I am going to be dog sitting for a Shih Tzu named Roxie. I get to take care of her a lot but it has been awhile. I think I get her for 10 whole days this time. Sorry, Violet.

This summer….So excited to see my friend, Amber, get married in Spencer, Iowa on July 19th! She has already shared a photo of her dress with me. I am just very happy for her. I love summer too for the trips we go on – usually Mackinac Island or Door County. But no details yet! Summer sounds good right about now.

THIS YEAR … This is a big one – I am going to Paris for my birthday in October!! More to come on that big event.

What about you? What are you looking forward to? Please leave me a comment!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Living In The Polar Vortex Moment


I haven’t blogged in a few weeks – it was my original intention to do it every week, but oh, well, things don’t always go as planned! Plan B!

I have been busy trying to stay warm in this impossibly cold weather. I can’t count the days that have been way below zero at night and then never even go above zero during the daytime. It was during all this that first our furnace went out and then our washing machine. And it happens while my husband is traveling for the bank – first Detroit one week, then Denver the following week and then Detroit again for another week. That left me to deal with the repairmen – and Noodles, my Pug. He enjoys hanging out with the repairmen. He helps. Okay, gets in their way!

Hi, Noodles!!

I have also been taking 4 exercise classes a week – Zumba toning on Tuesday night, Barre Burn on Friday night, regular Zumba on Saturday morning and Barre Burn again on Sunday afternoon. And I still try to do the elliptical (Le Elliptical!) every day for 30 to 40 minutes. When nice weather comes back, I can add walking and riding my bike to the mix – but in the meantime, I really have to focus on my classes to keep in shape.

We had our book club this month – the little group that my pal, Heidi and I started last spring – Chick Lit and Cocktails. I am actually now in 3 book clubs but this one came about because one of my book clubs tends to go very serious and the other one is in Des Moines so I can’t always drive down there with my schedule. I wanted this book club to be closer (obviously!) and also more fun, light and fluffy books. We met at Crave at the Mall of America but due to the weather only half of us made it but it was still fun. We will try again in March!

One other exciting thing happened in January and that is that my favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks, are going to the Super Bowl! That is actually super exciting. I just saw them play a few weeks ago on Dec. 29th when I was in Seattle and I had a good feeling then. I have ordered my Russell Wilson #3 football jersey so I have appropriate attire for the game on February 2nd!

The dogs and I took a little road trip to Iowa this week on MLK Day. It is just nice to get away and stay in a hotel and have wine and answer to no one. Of course, the weather down there was no better. I fantasize about getting in my yellow Eclipse, Daisy, with my 2 dogs and driving across the country to California. I am serious!

So anyhow it has been extremely cold and snowy but it is January in the upper Midwest and I still try to appreciate it for what it is. Like these super cute snowmen in my neighborhood.

Someone is creative!

And watching my bulb garden(s) grow and eventually bloom. I have 2 – one for home and one for my office.

Someday We Will Bloom!

 Spring will eventually come. I am just trying to enjoy the here and now and not project myself too far in the future .  Live for the moment.

By the way, I am on Instagram as lesli13 – I post equally exciting photos as these! ;-)

Happy January!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Make A Wish!

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. But I do make New Year’s Wishes!

One of the best ways to make a wish—A Wishing Jar! Just find an old Mason Jar to decorate and fill with your wishes—big and small. At the end of the year, see which ones have come true.

Another way to make a wish—a wishing bracelet. The idea behind the bracelet is to make a wish when you tie it on – when the bracelet breaks or falls off, your wish is ready to come true! You can find them on Etsy.

On the subject of wishes and resolutions even, the New Year is a great time to make a Vision Board and fill it with all the things you would like to do and have in the coming year. I am going to make a vision board this weekend. Stay tuned!

Finally, similar to the Wishing Jar is the Happiness Jar—you can fill it with the little things that make you happy during the year. Just write them down on a slip of paper and then on New Year’s Eve you can go through and remember all the things that made you happy.

Those are my thoughts for today! Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 - A Little Recap

I feel bad to even say this but 2013 was NOT the best year of my life. I always start my New Years off with lots of hope and optimism and I did the same for 2013. But right off the bat something was just “off”. I won’t get into details but let’s just say I learned some valuable lessons along the way and leave it at that.

I would rather focus on the positive – I had some really fun trips, twice to Door County, Wisconsin, and once to Mackinac Island, Michigan; to New Hampshire for the 4th of July, an early birthday trip to Las Vegas in September to see Motley Crue, and a trip to end the year in Seattle to see my football team, the Seahawks.

 I saw one of my favorite bands, LA Guns, not once but twice!

  I also completed a 27-mile bike ride in September which might not sound like much to some, but I did it on a really heavy beach cruiser style bike while everyone else, the professional riders, had their skinny-tired, stream-lined bikes. I am glad I did it and I really pushed myself. There were lots of hills – much like in my real life this year! But sooner or later, you get to cruise down the hills, too!

I also was the chair person of an Animal Walk that raised over $3,000 for Secondhand Hounds – so I did good for the animals, too!

  Everything that was good about 2012 (now that was a great year!) was still in my life in 2013 and I need to appreciate that fact, and I do! 2013 was the year I really expressed gratitude and counted my blessings of which I have many.

  But I am very ready to move forward in this New Year, 2014, and to be better about documenting my life through my blog and also my personal writing and photographs.


Friday, November 9, 2012


I love Pinterest - I am a little bit obsessed with it right now. I also Pin for work on our company Pinterest boards but my personal boards are here.

I have one for Decorate, one for Style, one for Hair, one for Pugs, one for Things I Find Adorable, one for Fleurs and one for Le Cycle. Stop by and follow me if you would like, and also let me know if you Pin and I will follow you!

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never is often my motto in life. I wanted to do a little Halloween update. Halloween is always one of my favorite times of year - I love anything to do with black cats and witches. And candy. Definitely candy! My pets always get in on the action, too. My vet's office had a Halloween party and costume contest. My dogs never take home any prizes--I don't think I am original or inspired enough! Oh, I take that back--Noodles once won Most Humorous at a party when dressed as a bumble bee. Here they are - Noodles and Violet on their way to the party.
Noodles was a football player and Violet a cheerleader. Her skirt wouldn't stay on. This is Halloween evening. Violet switched to a dress and Noodles a shirt!
Chester was a vampire
I am always a cat or a witch.
And that is my little Halloween update!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making A Comeback

I haven't blogged since December 10, 2011. Somehow I got out of the habit of blogging and I guess life just got too crazy and I stopped making time. I have kind of missed my blog and I have been thinking I would start it up again and had the idea I would start again on October 13, my birthday which was last Saturday. That didn't happen but better late than never.

 I probably should catch up with what has happened in 2012. I feel like this has just been one of the best years of my life. I actually know a lot of people who think it is has been a terrible year, including my husband but for me personally it has been a great year. A few really sad things happened - my sweet fluffy white cat, Trista, died in May. We put her to sleep after the onset of a sudden illness and the diagnosis of lymphoma. My husband's mom died in August after a long, brave battle with brain cancer. Those are the sad things but wonderful things have happened too.


 In June I adopted another Siamese kitten from the Humane Society and named him Chester, and in August I adopted a dog from Small Dog Rescue--a Papillon Chihuahua mix who I named Violet. These two have added so much joy to my life and I had room in my heart (and home) for a few more pets. That brings us up to 3 cats and 2 dogs and I think that 5 is a good round number.



 In February I also traded in my VW Beetle convertible, Daisy (shocking a few people) for a yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse named Daisy 2. I have owned several other Eclipses and I really do love this car. I just couldn't keep driving an automatic so I drove 5 hours to purchase the perfect car with a 6-speed stick shift. It was fun owning a Beetle and I would buy another one--just as long as it is a stick shift. Lesson learned.

 I have been on a few trips this year--one in May to Savannah and Charleston, which was wonderful. I have always wanted to visit the South and both cities are so historical. I want to go back someday and spend more time. In July I went to Vegas for a girlfriend's wedding-that was a quick weekend but also very fun (and hot!). I flew to Boston for Eric's mom's funeral which doesn't really count as a trip because it was not for fun even though I flew first class. We will be headed back to the East Coast at Christmas time and also to Southern California for our anniversary in December - 10 years.



 I also had a very fun birthday weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin--sort of an under-rated city. We stayed at the Iron Horse Hotel which is rated as one of the top boutique hotels in the whole United States. They are a very dog friendly establishment, which is how I chose the Iron Horse - I Googled dog friendly hotel properties in the Midwest. They completely spoiled my dogs with treats and toys, and so that also made my birthday special. It was a really rainy weekend and I just loved ordering room service and drinking wine and having my best buddies with me (Noodles and Violet).


 My husband started a new job in September. We ALMOST moved back to Des Moines...almost...but with everything going on with his mom he couldn't handle selling our house and moving to a new state--it was just too much. He accepted a position in DT Minneapolis which I know was the best career decision for him--but I was a little sad--there is a part of me that was ready to move. But it wasn't meant to be at this time. So that pretty much brings me current with what has happened this year. I am ready to start blogging again!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Am...

A meme inspired by my Pal Amber at  a Little Pink...

1. I am good at…fashion and decorating, spelling and word games, socializing, entertaining, making people laugh, shopping and driving a stick shift--haha!  

2. I am happy when I am driving my car (although not in rush hour traffic), listening to music, exercising, eating well, spending time with friends, snuggling with my pets, when I am shopping and when I have on a cute new outfit and my hair has been professional styled!  Also, when I am on a plane to somewhere fun!

3. I am working on… making boards on Pinterest and organizing my walk-in closet so I can donate some things as well as consign some others.  My closet = disaster.  

4. I am interested in… so many things, traveling, reading, meeting new people, wanting to learn a new language, and taking classes in basically anything.  

5. I am always… worried about something ridiculous.  

6. I am enjoying… the holiday season.  I love this time of year - the hustle and bustle, the decorations, the music, the lights, the anticipation.  

7. I am inin my house at my Yellow Pottery Barn Desk.  

8. I am reading "I Don't Know How She Does It" (like the Sarah Jessica Parker movie)

9. I am concerned about… animal welfare and homeless animals - I am a big advocate of animals.  

10. I am looking forward to… 12 days off for Christmas vacation!

If you do this meme, let me know--I love to read them.  

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New Blog

It's so funny how I don't blog anymore (please sing to tune of "It's So Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore", Cliff Richard, circa 1979).  Yes, I am old!!

My New Year's Resolution (and I don't really make those) is to blog more in 2012.  I was up at 4:30 a.m. to drive Eric to the airport, as he is flying to New Hampshire, via Detroit, to visit his parents this weekend and so I was up super early.  I have a whole list of things I want to do this weekend - update my blogs, write in my journal, make boards on Pinterest, organize my closet, bake Christmas cookies, meet two groups of friends for brunch, buy some more Secret Santa gifts, finish putting up the last few Christmas decorations in my house.  It will be interesting to see how many of my goals I accomplish!

Anyhow just checking in.  I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday Season!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

What Holiday Is This?

I actually agree with this cartoon--Thanksgiving does get over-shadowed by Christmas and Christmas trees & decorations do start appearing in the mall as early as September which is definitely ridiculous.

But having said that, I have already been listenting to Christmas music in my car and I have the urge to put up all of my Christmas trees this weekend. So I am split...

What camp do you fall into? Christmas now? Or let's wait and have Thanksgiving first AND then get into the holiday spirit?

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

An October Recap

 October is my favorite month.  It has my birthday and Halloween and apples and pumpkins and witches and chilly nights and bonfires and pretty leaves and fun-sized candy bars.

This October started with a bang--literally.  I was driving this car

and almost hit this creature.

So I braked and I got rear-ended on my way to work.  I was pretty shaken up because a) I almost ran over an animal and b) I caused damage to such a delightful yellow car!

The other driver was a mom with her small child who just happened to live in the same townhouse development as me.  We were about a mile from our houses.  We called the police and no tickets or citations were issued.  I think he felt we were both equally at fault--she for following too closely and me for braking for an animal.  He told me, quite frankly, that I should have and I quote "taken the squirrel out".

I stood my ground and said I would always brake for animals.   And I always will--that is not going to change.  I am still sad about the time I ran over an oppossum.  Or the time a bird flew into my windshield.  These are things I don't forget!

Later that day I declined a visit to the doctor for whiplash and went to work at our Annual Warehouse Sale at a certain upscale fragrance company I work for.  Somehow my name tag got lost in the chaos and so I was Lucy, your friendly cashier!

This was honestly not the best day of my life!  Look at the look on my face!

The next day was better.  My dear pal, Amber, came up for a visit.  We went to the warehouse sale - much more fun as a customer!  Then we went to Crave with a bunch of my girlfriends and had a little early birthday lunch and drinks, and we did some shopping/browsing at Anthropologie and then we went to see "What's Your Number" which is based on the novel 20 Times A Lady by the wonderful Karyn Bosnak!  I loved the movie and will definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out.

After the movie we went to Flame for a yummy dinner.   We were pretty tired after that so I made sure Amber got checked into her hotel and then we went to get her car and then I headed home for some sleep!

**(Then we realized Amber had forgotten her designer shades in my car so we made plans to drop them off the next day when Eric and I were out and about and Amber was checking out of her hotel.)

**Not sure why I included this in my post--haha!  Definite a sidebar.  :-)

Things continued to get better when we left for my birthday weekend extravaganza to Southern California.  We stayed in Newport Beach and rented a lovely white Eclipse convertible (like I used to have!) and I did a lot of shopping and ate a lot of cupcakes and drank a lot of wine and did some more shopping and celebrated my birthday over dinner at Melting Pot.  We met my friend Angie for lunch one day and my other friend, Katie, for brunch at her fancy hotel (St. Regis in Dana Point!)--she and her husband just happened to be visiting at the same time.

Then it was back to Minnesota and time to celebrate my good friend, Jason's 40th birthday.  We have been friends since he was 21, can you believe it?  There was wine and cake and a cute doggie. 

The month finished up with Halloween, of course.   We went to the Screamtown Haunted Houses with our neighbors and it was so much fun.  Of course, I was the girl who got picked on the most by the actors.  Go figure! 

Noodles dressed up like a banana split for the Halloween party at his vet's office.  But he has lost so much weight on his diet that his costume no longer fit properly.  I bought it on clearance at Target last year but this year he is too skinny!  He spent Halloween night answering the door for the Trick Or Treaters in an orange Halloween t-shirt with fur trim & glitter. 

That was October in a rather long nutshell!!   I will put up some pictures at my other blog so stay tuned if you are into that kind of thing! 

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